Overview Product Development Services

PLM ... Product Lifecycle Management, CI ... Continuous Improvement

The Lifecycle

The lifecycle of a product starts with an optimised development process. As a leading Electronic Manufacturing Service provider we know how to integrate and optimise the different design disciplines in order to reduce time and costs. Highest quality and maximum flexibility are key elements of our wide range of design services. System, hardware, software, mechanical and PCB-design – ESCATEC’s design services team is unique in its abilty to design all apects of a complete product to meet the requirements of our customers.

Turn Key Product Design

Whether an idea or a large-scale production of a final product, we work together with our customers to optimise any design stage of a project's lifecycle. Our Product Development Service is built upon our many years of experience in Electronics Manufacturing Services. Close teamwork between our development engineers and industrial engineers enables DfX (Design for Excellence) at a very early stage of the product development cycle. You will benefit from a product that is perfectly designed  for successful mass production and can take advantage of the reduced risks and shorter time-to-market we enable.
Along with product development or subassemblies, ESCATEC is also well-known for:

  • Feasibility studies and conceptual designs
  • Value engineering
  • Design reviews

Seamless design process

Coordination is our business: Our project manager ensures the successful coordination of activities between development, procurement, component engineering, fast prototyping, test engineering and industrial engineering. One single point of contact and responsibility, ensuring an optimised design flow and a production introduction that is on-time and on-budget.

Your benefits

  • Independent service – manufacturing not obligatory
  • Complete product design capability (Electronics hardware, Embedded software, Mechanical design, MOEMS, PCB-design)
  • Prototyping
  • Compliance testing and certifications
  • Test specifications, procedures and fixtures for series production
  • Project management throughout design, prototyping and into manufacturing
  • All Intellectual Property belongs to the customer
  • We are able to design and manufacture products with a strong link to production

Our customers know their products are delivered as promised with best-in-class quality and at a competitive price.