Gateway to Asia - Offshore Transfer

The transition phase of the New Product Introduction process represents the point where the project manager will effect the seamless transfer of the design into the mass-production factory, whether in Europe or Asia.

The project manager will then support the ramp up of the product through pre-production into full volume production. This process can also involve a simultaneous ramp-down in Europe as the Asia volume ramps up, thereby ensuring continuity of supply for the customer.

With a design and engineering centre in Europe close to its customers, and mass-production facilities in Malaysia, ESCATEC truly can provide a seamless “bridge to mass-production volume” for its customers, reducing risk, and ensuring high quality and high reliability of supply.

One major precondition to simplify and improve the reliability of such a transition is that the tool chain of all ESCATEC sites is compatible. This is implemented for product development tools (e.g. CAD-E, CAD-M, Compilers, Component Library, etc.) as well as for production equipment (e.g. SMT Lines, AOI, AXI, Functional Test, etc.).