Versatility is our key-competence

We focus our attention on a number of key market sectors where we can understand the needs of our customers thoroughly, and create value for them by combining innovative technologies with our manufacturing experience and knowledge. Our customers benefit from the maximum efficiency of our diversified organisation and a fully-integrated supply chain, that leads from design, through prototyping and tooling, and in to manufacturing services. ESCATEC’s design and manufacturing solutions are employed in markets where high quality, reliability and robustness are paramount.

Industry, Energy & Automotive

ESCATEC shapes many ideas in the Industrial Electronics sector. Our experience covers a wide range of systems including test & measurement equipment, power line fault detectors, airflow measurement devices, fire and gas detectors for ships and trains, measuring equipment for construction industry and radiosondes (weather balloon with GPS technology). We design and build general control and automation systems, and equipment for hazardous environments under the ATEX quality standards.

Building Controls

ESCATEC’s design and manufacturing servics are making both domestic and industrial life more comfortable, faster and safer. Products are mostly built as a complete box-build or system build products such as heating solution, water meters, electro-mechanical locks, water heaters, automatic window, odourless toilet accessories, fire and safety system.

High-End Consumer

ESCATEC is at home in many offices and private homes around the world. With innovation and high cost-efficiency we are able to help our customers reach the market rapidly and reliably. We focus on consumer products where brand value for our customers relies on top quality and reliability. Beverage brewers, sewing machines, vacuum cleaners, high-end audio and wireless communication systems are some examples of our product ranges.

Power Tools

In this niche market cost competition and rapid engineering improvement require high professionalism and reaction to market demands. ESCATEC’s experience is in design and build of speed regulators, metal detector units, measuring equipment for the construction industry, digital torque wrenches, battery chargers and high specification plastic injection moulded parts which demand a high level of surface cosmetic appearance and print quality.

Beverage Systems

As a proven expert in user interface electronics for professional coffee machines, ESCATEC has industry-leading know-how and the competence needed to design, industrialise and build coffee and tea brewing devices for domestic use. Our customers benefit from ESCATEC's professional D&D services, based in Switzerland and it's competitive Far East cost structure. With its dedicated food safety compliance facility in Johor Bahru, ESCATEC guarantees its customers the highest quality products.


ESCATEC Medical meets the highest of standards for both product development and manufacturing at our medical focused manufacturing facilities in Penang, Malaysia and Heerbrugg, Switzerland. Both are certified to ISO13485 standard and enables us to provide cost-effective total solutions for medical products. Our experience spans respirator units, asthma & COPD monitoring devices, drug delivery devices, inhalers, treatment of bruxism (teeth grinding while sleeping) and bio-feedback devices for rehabilitation and professional athletic training.

Communications & Networking

ESCATEC’s design services team and manufacturing capability has assisted its customers to stay on the cutting-edge of complex assembly and test requirements for medium volume, highly configurable systems such as Bluetooth modules, RF transmission systems, secure network communications product and digital TV broadcast communication systems.

LED & Lighting

New technology companies, with their unique needs, benefit from our customised solutions in low cost regions. For a niche commercial market, we deliver experience in lighting controls, lighting ballasts and LED lighting for commercial and industrial applications.